Alienation of affection statute of limitations

I have reason to believe that I may become defendent in an alienation of affection claim.

A bit of history:
I have been friends with the defendant in a divorce proceeding for 23 years which is 7 years prior to his marriage.

Our friendship has never been secret from his spouse.

She filed for divorce from bed and board June 24, 2005.
She found detailed phone records showing how often we talked on phone in Aug 2004.
In a court ordered psychological evaluation dated December 2005 she stated that their marriage was bad for past 5 years.
In same evaluation she stated that they had not had marital relations for 4 years.
They live in the state of NC and I live 800 miles away.

Could she possibly be successful in a claim of alienation of affection which the statute of limitations is 3 years?