Alienation of Affection

Alienation of affection is a suit brought against a third party whose influence had an affect on your marriage. In this scenario, your husband would sue the person you had the affair with.
The suit that could be brought against you would be criminal conversation, which is proved by showing a valid marriage and that the act of sex occured with someone other than your spouse. This is a crime in NC by the way.

many times these AA suits are settled out of court because no one wants that to be public.

Dear duminnc:

Greetings. In your example, where you cheated on your husband, then he would sue the person you had the affair with. No, you would not be concerned with the charge. Good luck.

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Can someone explain to me who is sued when an Alienation of Affection case is presented in court? For instance if I cheated on my husband does he sue me or the person I had the affair with? If I am on welfare should I be concerned with such a charge? I have nothing he could sue me for and I know my husband cheated on me. I only have hotel charges on a credit card statement a few sexualy explicit letters from another woman (who is in prison). I dont know if this is enought to constitute proof that he was cheating on me.