Alienation of Affection

I forgot to mention we are now divorced since 2006.

Concerned Parent

Dear Concerned Parent:

Greetings. You may have some rights to alienation of affection - but you would have to show that you had a loving relationship before this third party came along, and with the separation I think that you have shaky facts to prove this. Good luck healing your heart. Thank you.

Janet L. Fritts
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My ex and I separated in 2003 with full intent of roconcilliation. We were just so incompatible at that time that we AGREED to a trial separation. During the separation we continued our search of a home, sought marital counselling and remained in a marital relationship. I even continued to do his laundry, buy his groceries and clean his house. We did continue our sexual relationship as well. Six months turned into a year, etc… During this separation he began an affair with a co-worker whom was also married. He is her team leader and they are in the same department. She has sense divorced and moved closer to my husband. She had me into her home and acted as my friend all the while she was stealing my life. Even thought my husband and I were living a part, is there any grounds for an alienation of affection case against her? They are still ‘secretly’ involved at work. I was told that I better not do anything to jeopardize their employment, due to the fact that I would be biting the hand that feeds me. Any advice?

Concerned Parent