Alienation of affection


If he had a child outside the marriage, then you are truly in the driver seat, but you need to do something because if you wait and later decide to use this against him the courts would say you new and did nothing (you condoned it). So do some soul searching and decide whats best for you.


Dear 2madtodeal29:

Greetings. First, remember that staying in the marriage means that you are condoning the affair that your husband had. Keep that in mind for alimony purposes.

Second, the steps are to draft a complaint for alienation of affection and then serve her. Good luck.

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Good morning, Im an 29yrs female in nc, and I have just recently find out that my husband of 4yrs had been cheating on and on top of all that, they have an baby that was just born on 7/15. Now Im truly pissed. Im presently in therapy with my husband b/c some part of my wanted to make it work. But if is not working, b/c I just can not get over the situation. Now I have not filed for separation or divorce from him yet. But I was wondering about the steps for filing an alienation of affection lawsuit against her. I know that it will never erase the pain and argue I have from them but it would make me feel better to know that she now she Im not to be played with.

Please help!!! Thank you