Alienation of Affection

Yes you can but I would ask an attorney for sure also I would look into what the miltary can do for you as well the 2 parties involed in this wrong doing.
I will tell you this you need to have alots of proof and the more the better also how does he have money if he has nothing then thats what you will get only that you smeared both names and you spent alot of money and alot of time and heart ache trust me been there got my tee shirt I dropped mine and I had alot of proof even the stupid ex saying on the stand she did this piece of garbage had nothing in the long run it was better for me got alot more by doing this.
Now if you do this what about her a you? If this is over get a seperation going fast and if she leaves great for you just do not let her back in the house over night ever.
Looking into all this I did lots of reading and learning had a thing about cheaters “how to know your honie is cheating” when I read this this was just like my ex if you can find read this you will see why I am saying to you "live and learn"
Hope this helps you out good luck

My wife is in the military in Iraq, while she was home on R&R I found out that she was having an affair without another soldier. Once I found out she said that she wants a divorce. I want to know if I can sue this individual for alienation of affection, even though it was in Iraq and my wife is stationed here at Ft. Bragg.

Willie Johnson