Alienation of Affection

I am interested in obtaining information or real world experiences involving Alienation of Affection/ Criminal Conversation lawsuits in
NC. I have read the legal site information, but would like to hear success/failure stories from actual participants and legal professionals.

Here is little of my case history.
My wife (separated since 4Aug 05) and her male co-worker, began an affair around March o5. When we separated, I was very genorious
(75% of profit from home sale (sold at a lost) , $800.00 per month child support70% over what was required, all home funishings, paid for dental, kept family on healthcare plan retired military and too many other benefits to list). As many of my friends told me I was not very smart.
We’ll I was lead to believe we would separate to work on marriage challenges. Needless to say I didn’t know about the office relationship until Nov 2006, which would have made the entire separation much different. The individual’s wife had private investigators confirm these event, which resulted in the (individual confessing and agreeing to her term of their separation). The wife of the individual is alleged to be suing my wife and the firm they works for. This was proberly the only reason I found out about the full history of this issue. My wife has admitted all.
It seems everyone has paid an emotional and finacial cost except her co-worker.

My questions are how do I protect myself and kids (house, savings ect.which are small compared to the other individuals)but hard earned,from her lawsuit (wife of co-worker)?

  1. Should I be exploring alienation of affection / criminal conversation, lawsuit against the individual (co-worker), I have nothing but empathy for the wife as we both were lied and decieved by both our spouses.

  2. My wife admitted to being a willing participate as she was told, when the co-worker left his wife they would live togther. This became a nightmare,once the co -workers wife threaten to go to the CEO of their company and presented proof of the affair. And of course he ran back home to protect his finances.
    Does her willingness to participate effect a AA/CC case?

I am sorry for the lenght of my post, but the whole issue is totally repugnate. I feel for their kids, my kids, his wife and even my wife, who was caught at a very weak point and hoodwinked. I would love to move on and will, but we’ve all made mistakes and accountability must be evenly divided.