Alienation of affection?


Ok i have made a few posts on here about my situation. I feel that there is something that i can do about the situation.
If my wife’s parents were telling her that if she were to have anything to do with me and that if she does have anything to do with me that they are going to take our 2 year old son away from her then could this be grounds for alienation of affection considering that is is a 3rd party trying to ruin a marriage? Everytime I go to see my son I am constantly told I cannot take my son back to my home town. My wife has told me that she is scared of her parents and that her father will do anything in his power to take my son away from her if she has any doings with me.

I want to save the relationship but from what I can tell her parents have turned her against me as she no longer calls me, emails me or anything. The only time that I talk to her is at night when i call there to tell my son goodnight. And the times that I have seen her on the weekends she still says she loves me and wants to work it out but as soon as she is back at her parents house it is a different story. Her parents have threatened me several times. A few times I have called to talk to my son at night and her brother which is 19 has verbally threatened me over the phone while my son is in the room.

I need to know what I can do!!!


As I have previously stated, I do not believe you have grounds for a successful suit against your spouse’s parents.


So I just assume that the relationship is over with my wife. Get a lawyer and try to secure my visitation rights then?


Given your wife’s behavior I would say that it is time to secure your visitation rights. If you do have hope that someday you can save your relationship I believe that attempting to sue her parents could destroy any chance for a reconciliation.


Whom can you sue for AA? What grounds do you have for AA?

If ex’s and MIL is trying to destroy your marriage and you have written proof of it, can you sue them?
Is it just considered harrassment?