Alimony how much how long

Should I have a trial or try to settle out of court. Judge ordered post sep @ the amount of 700 monthly plus medical. I have been gone since 2007. Our adopted child is 20 yrs old and he works. She lied on the stand said I left her for someone else and she admitted she refused to work more than part time which caused a financial strain on our marriage. I did not have no affair. I got tired of lack of work and the degrading of manhood. Why must I continue to support her when that is the reason I left. I took care of our adopted child til he graduated then I filed for absolute divorce she contested. She wants money. Plus she wants me to pay her credit card debts no card is in my name. Am I responsible? Just so u know she make only 9000 a year I make 50000. We never filed taxes together she never shared money. Just me paying bills. Plus she was getting money from social security saying I was not around. When our adopted child turned 18 social security and I both stop paymentt. That is when I filed for divorce. I don’t have evidence or witnesses just want my divorce. How much alimony should I have to pay and for how long been married 22 yrs thank for your help

If her credit card charges were incurred during the marriage they will likely be considered marital debt and the court may order that the debt be divided.

If the court ordered you to pay $700.00 per month in support, that is a good indication of what the court feels she needs, and you can afford.

The court will determine the term of alimony at the trial for the same, but a good rule of thumb is that alimony will last for half the length of the marriage, depending on the circumstances, ages, and earning abilities of the parties.