My seperattion agreement states that my ex pays me alimony by the 5th of each month in the form of a money order, this was his request and I had no problem with those terms. Since alimony began he has never been on time, the money orders are dated the 4th, but the envelopes are always postmarked way after and I don’t usually recieve them till well after the 9th. I still have not received Junes, he told me it was sent on the 4th texted me a pic of the reciept for the money (where he wrote june alimony on the memo) but I have still not received it. He told me he was going to put a trace on it that can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days. He said the outcome of that will determine when and if he pays me.

So I called moneygram traced the money order and was told it was cashed on June 12th. I paid 24.00 to have a copy emailed to me with in 24 hours. I recieved the email yesterday and low and behold it was cashed, by my ex and his girlfriend, and deposited in his bank account. When I asked him about it of course it was just one lie after another and still saying the money order was lost.

My question is can I have my money garnished from his SSD each monthand if so how do i go about doing that. I really want to put this behind me and don’t want the stress each month of dealing with him and the lies. Also, what can I do about the June money that I have not recieved?

Thanks for your Help???

To get the money garnished from his pay, you will have to file an action for breach of contract and ask in the relief before the court that the court institute garnishment.