Garnish my wages?


Over the past three years, I have made support payments directly to my ex on the 1st and 15th of every month. I drive over to her house and hand them to her or leave them in the mailbox. I’ve never missed a payment and haven’t been even one day late. In fact, on several occasions, my ex has asked for the payment check in advance of the due date because she had to cover other payments that were pending. This weekend, she wanted the check sooner and I was unable to get it to her (she even asked me to give the check to my 10 year old daughter at her soccer game so she could deposit it last night). We had a support modification done last month. and now the full payment is due on the first, I so needed to move some things around to cover the payment, but I will have it to her today (March 1st).
Well, she’s now saying that she is going to contact her attorney to have my wages garnished. Can she do this if I have a spotless record of support payments (I have copies of the check to prove it)? Personally, I don’t care how she gets the payments, but I don’t like the stigma of “wage garnishment” especially when there’s no cause for it. Is there an alternative where I make payments to the county/state/etc. and they send her a check so that it’s regulated and documented?

Thanks for your help.


She can seek to have support paid through income withholding, even if you have not been late.


Is there anything I can do on my behalf, or is it simply a matter of her requesting income withholding and it’s a done deal?



You will have an opportunity to be heard, but in the Court’s mind, there is usually no reason not to acquiesce to a payee’s request.
The good news is it will relieve you many dealings with your ex.


True. Very true. :slight_smile: