Wage Garnishment


My ex brought me to court for “show cause” for not being able to pay the CS+Alimony on the 1st. I am late but all payments are mad within the month. She wants to garnish my wages. How does this help them? That means money will be withdrawn from my pay each paycheck correct? Essentially, that is what I am doing now. I get paid bi-weeklyand pay the CS with one check and the alimony with the other. From what I understand, the state will only allow up to 40% of your net pay to be garnished. Is this correct. In my case 40% of each paycheck would not cover the whole amount. How is that difference paid? Would it be prudent for me to vounteer the garnishment of my wage? She is guaranteed her money and I can’t be held for contempt for being late, right? It just doesn’t make sense to me to complain that they are not getting their money on the 1st and then go for garnishment.


The court will likely grant the request to implement wage withholding, and this will be a benefit to you as your ex will no longer be able to file contempt motions against you, as you will lose direct control of the payment schedule.