Question about wage garnishment

How does wage garnishment work? For the brief time my ex had a job & his wages were garnished, the payment amounts they took out varied. Is there a percentage they take & is that based on gross or net? Is there ever a set amount for garnishment or is it always a percentage? If support is caught up, do they still take a percentage or the ordered amount? Do they garnish EVERY paycheck? What about separate bonus checks or vacation pay?

If a normal support payment is $500 and the garnishee nets $840 for a 2 wk pay period, Do they take the $500 from one check or split it between the two or does it then become a percentage and not the set amount? If so, are they allowed to take more than the $500? If the percentage yields less than the $500, does the garnishee then go into rears??? I’m so confused about all of this.

The state handled my case and I never received any notices when anything happened & my case worker NEVER answers her phone or returns calls, so I can’t get any information from her. My fiancee is now facing garnishment & we need to know what to expect since our budge it so painfully tight as it its.

It’s so unfair that dad’s who bust their butt to try and pay their support get screwed if they’re not able to pay the full amount and yet, dad’s who refuse to hold jobs and be responsible for their kids in any way seem to get off with noting more than a slap on the hand and are ordered insanely low support amounts ($59/mo) and nothing happens when they go a year without making a payment. These are the two scenarios my fiancee & I are facing with our ex’s. It seems we’re getting shafted both ways.

Wage garnishment is pursuant to what the Order says. Normally the payments are allocated pursuant to the obligor’s pay schedule.