at the very least you deserve half of the assets (and liablities) including any retirment plans home equity etc The children over 18 well they will more then likely be on their own (we call those people adults) (but that’s what student loans are for). You should be able to get child support for any under 18. There are two things you need to do first though. 1. GET A LAWYER NOW!!! do not sign anything no matter how much he bullies you. If he has moved out change the locks and do not let him in GET A LAWYER NOW!!! 2. If you work check with your HR dept about EAP and get some counseling If you do not take steps to get past this he will take advantage of your emotional state to ramrod through a settlement that is not fair to you. GET A LAWYER NOW!!! … oh wait I said that already… but GET A LAWYER NOW!!!



Having him cheat on me after 30 years is the most devasting thing that I have ever been through. He begged and cried to come home and wanted to continue our marriage. I knew nothing about the child. He resumed the affair but just became more careful. Two years later I caught him again and then learned about the child. It was over. I almost had a nervous breakdown over this. His girlfried makes a large salary and so does he. He expects me to walk away with nothing eventhough I have children at home and a child in college. I just want to know how to go on with my life. I feel like so much has been wasted on him. I feel like I deserve alimony after everything he has done to our family.