What do i do?

I am married with seven children. Four of my children are out on there own. but the three i still have i am having to struggle to feed. and my husband and i have been seperated for two years. the seventh child is eight years old and that is the child me and my husband adopted but right after we did that my husband cheated on me. now that he is out of the house he does not want to help me with any of the children. i am on disablity which only brings in around 800 a month. my husband on the other hand brings in around 4,000 and wont help out at all. please help and tell me what to do because i cant afford a lawyer. the two older children are 18 and 21 but the 18 year old is still going to high school.

He has moved out of the house, so you should immediately file for child support for the youngest two children. You won’t receive anything for the 21 year old. The 18 year old will be covered until he graduates from high school. You are also the dependent spouse, so I would recommend filing for post-separation support, alimony and equitable distribution as well. I would recommend consulting with an attorney if you can, but you can file for those items without an attorney. It would be better for you though to have the assistance of counsel.