First do not sign anything he or his lawyer put in front of you.
Second get a lawyer

You say your a sahm you will more then likely get some sort of support even if its not alimony there would be child support. You will also have to go back to work so start working on updating your job skills.

also do not change the locks or try to throw him out If you do you will lose the legal fight.

Also you need to get some counseling either talk to your minister or a therapist this is a big and hard time your going to go through and it will last at least the next 18 months.


Dear crabapplepie:

Greetings. First, what is a SAHM? I am assuming it is a Stay at Home Mom for my answer. Remember that alimony is first and foremost based on who is a supporting spouse and who is a depedent spouse. You sound like you are a dependent spouse, so yes, it sounds like you are a candidate for alimony. Thank you and good luck.

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“If the court finds that a supporting spouse committed an act of illicit sexual behavior during the marriage, then the court will order the supporting spouse to pay alimony to the dependent spouse.”

I am a sahm. My husband brings home the paycheck. If he met someone last month at a class he took out of state, and stopped wearing his wedding ring, stopped wanting sex with me, said he didn’t want to make our marriage work, started having long phone conversations outside, started exercising…would I get alimony? Or would I have to somehow prove they had sex? Of course he says they’re just friends, but right after I confronted him about her is when he said he no longer wanted to be married and he continues to call her (she does live in another state).