Allimony, a woman favor/request?


How long where you married? do you have children together? who left, who has the children? whos paying the bill that acuumalated during the marriage? This is for all the men no matter what she do or how she speaks(yell) at you remain calm and don’t do nothing stupid, if she hit, spit, curse you walk away and document everything. write up a reasonable seperation agreement and mail it to her making sure she has to sign that she recieve it and make sure you split the time with your kids(if any). and when you have your kids never say anything negative about their mom stay very very positive(that is so important. but if you don’t do anything-else remember if you know for sure there is no reconciliation she will try to ruin you so anything you do or have done will come out in court to make you look bad so she can get your money, so get ready to take the gloves off.


We were married for two years and we did not have any child, she had a previous boy of 6 y. with another man who she has never asked for anything. We are paying each other bill, I think she taught that I will not get back asap on my feet and when she wanted to come back and I told her never ever, I got the letter couple days later…One day too much was too much and I found another place to stay while keeping our place together. But, as soon as she found out, she moved my stuff out and got a roomate. So, did I leave or did she obliged me too? Another question is how come she feels entitled that I should pay her? I never thought about this kind of situation before.


I don’t think that you where married long enough for you to pay her alimony. you should ask for half of everything since the day of seperation if you was still paying for it, she probably going to keep the house but you need to ensure your name is removed from it and have her pay for it.


So, in order to be accountable for any payments/allimony how long do you need to have been married for?

Thanks for all your input…


Dear jfk:

Greetings. The law says that a dependent spouse is eligible for alimony, regardless of the length of the marriage. But, it is important that the spouse is dependent, which generally means that the dependent spouse earns less. Thank you.

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What are the requirements for someone to require any allimony(I read the info on your site but I am still confused). My wife and I have been living apart for almost four months and today she said that she cannot survive on her own, and therefore she needs help with her child education/summer camps/clothes/school etc…and herself. We make each about the same yearly income. Am I entitled to pay? After long months of discute, insults, menace and deception. We, I left after numerous calls to the police, and bc the situation was coming to a end. I continued to paid my share of the bills until she moved out even as I had to sleep in my car or a couch.
My question is the following; What right do she have to ask me for money/allimony? She always has refused to press charge/request her son’father to pay anything? What right does men have to regarding allimony/support in USA.