If you a man no matter the situation you will pay. Actually it depends on how long you been married, and will the spouse need help living without you. So if you make a lot more than she does then you probably will pay.

Fatherdoright, your WRONG ! The man does not always have to pay and i know this for a fact. I just completed my divorce and i am not paying any alimony, she committed adultery. The idea that you give it is slam dunk does not help people, all facts are needed before you know.

Yes I agree gladsheisgone (like the name)lol my did the samething but I know I will not be paying here ANY alimony I might get it but doubt it I will try. Now if I signed the paper that her attorney drew up I would have been paying her she tried but failed.
Hope this helped bye for now

My husband and I were married almost 30 years and he committed adultery. I have been a homemaker most of that time and I still have dependent children living at home and one child in college. There is no disputing the adultery because he has a child with the woman who he committed adultery with. I work now but his salary is many times that of mine. Is there any way to determine how much alimony I will receive and for how long.

Hi sunshine27
Well I hope you are going to take the B!@#$ to court and get as much money form her as you can its all there. Had a friend of mine tell me that his friend won a case like this (and I hope I win mine) and he won it for the second largest win in the country the amount $650K WOW (again I hope).
But this will never bring back the horror that you or anyone else has gone though need to let go and move on sorry for this but he is a loser and a loser is a cheat anyone can tell this NO one should be treated like this this is not right for anyone.
Hope this helped
Bye for now

Sunshine I’m sorry , they are correct and if what you say is correctthen you will probably get a substantial amount along with child support. but if he has a child and you knew about it might raise the question from his attorney like: How old is the child? Why didn’t you leave him then? then you knew of the behavior and did nothing? be prepared just in case

How is alimony determined?