Am I married?

I understand this is not as juicy as alienation of affection or do I have to pay alimony because I had an affair. However, could I get a response. Please.

Doesn’t sound like it to me…how can you hide something like that after 15 yrs of marriage? WHY would you choose to hide something like that? Why no paperwork? She paid for a so called quickie divorce and has no paperwork?

My wife and I have been married for 15+ years. I knew she had been married once before me. I found out recently she had actually been married 2 times prior. I have found the marriage information for the 2nd but no divorce information. She says now she had a quicky divore in mexico. She has no paper work, doesn’t know the US attorneys name that handled it, or the town in Mexico is was performed in. There is no record of this divorce ever beeing recorded in the US. If in fact she was never divorced from her second marriage is our marriage valid?