My girlfriend had the SAME EXACT CASE. Persico v. Tella da Fonseca, Catawba County, 2005. Successfully claimed annulment. If you find a lawyer and he says no, it can’t be done, find another and be prepared to push your case hard–the state isn’t big on annulments, but they do happen!


I was married to someone 10 months ago who misrepresented himself as a US citizen, when in fact, he is not. I know that he married me to try to obtain citizenship, I found out a few days after the wedding and have not seen him since. I was waiting to file for divorce because of the one year seperation law, but I would much prefer to have it annulled, as I was obviously lied to about a major issue, and would like it to be as if this had never happened. Is annulment possible for this reason?