Appeal or is that just a waste of time?


Dear xmedwife:

Greetings. Based on your legal fees, yes, I would advise that you not appeal, but that is up to you. I personally could not imagine paying that much in overall attorney fees and then having to appeal.

Then again, appeals exist for the sole reason of fixing wrongs done in court. Thank you.

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Ms. Fritts,

Thank you for your response. I am in Wayne County and as I stated earlier, this judge has really not been favorable to me in any way, shape, or form. So, you are saying even if the appellate court reverses a ruling or changes a ruling, it still goes back to the same judge? Would the judge have to “rule” the way the appellate court decided? Based on the information I told you, would it be worth my time and more of my money to try to get this amended? I currently owe 112,000 (bringing my total to l77,000 plus 29,000 in expert witness fees) and I honestly cannot take any more of this financial misery. I don’t have that kind of money nor will I get that kind of money. I am now waiting on my ex to try to take what custody (50%) I have of my son away from me too. He sends me emails (called me a bitch in one) threatening to take me back to Court over every little thing–such as not being able to reach my son via telephone when my son has tried to call him. I’m really very frightened here in this situation. Do I just call it quits and try to make it on what I’ll receive out of this? It’s terrible. It isn’t right nor is it fair. The judge still has made no ruling on counsel fees and I probably will not get a dime. Thanks.