Attorney Communication


My divorce attorney seems to be very difficult to communicate with. Me soon to be ex is fighting everything about our separation, custody, and divorce. My attorney does not make a big deal about anything. I don’t feel that she is fighting for me. She very seldom responds to my emails. I chose the largest law firm in my county, but I wound up with an attorney that is in her first year of practice.

Every aspect of my case is going through litigation due to my soon to be ex. She even is making her attorney ask my attorney about changing pick up times.

My question is, is this standard for an attorney to selectively respond? How do I ask a firm to give me a different attorney? Should I fire my attorney?


It is reasonable to receive communication from your attorney which addresses your concerns, however sometimes an attorney may not be able to respond to every inquiry immediately. Perhaps you should attempt to schedule a weekly phone call to address your concerns.