Attorney troubles again!

My ex-wife continually violates the terms of our child custody agreement. She has not been bringing my children to me for our exchanges and she leaves it up to the minor children to make arrangements with me. This has been going on for two years. My ex-wife did not let me have my children when school recessed for Christmas break like our agreement said.

Even though my wife has a DVPO against me, she constantly harasses me every chance she gets which is basically every time she sees me. And I am getting really tired of it.

I have informed my attorney about all of this but he never does anything. He only gives me excuses like his e-mail is not working or something happened in his office. Now he stated in an e-mail that it would not be worth it unless my ex-wife does something “really egregious.”

My attorney only wants to trade e-mails and play phone tag. He has basically used up my retainer and has not done anything to resolve my issues. He did get my children’s mailing address for me but it took almost four months and multiple e-mails.

What can I do to get my attorney to represent my interests and issues?

If your bill is not up to date, you may need to pay any fees due, and or replenish your funds in trust. If your lawyer still drags his feet, I would advise you to hire a new one.

I would think not following the order is just cause for a hearing. I would get a new attorney. Hopefully you have proof that she’s in violation (documentation) and witnesses that can be used. You have to start sometime to show the court what is going on even if nothing is done right away. Down the road if she continues to violate orders then you may have a leg up so to speak. When trying to find a new attorney, go in for consultation, take all documention, tell them what’s going on and ask them directly “how would you proceed if I retain your services”. If it’s not what you want then keep interviewing until you find one that is on the same page as you. Ask around about attorneys you would be surprised what you may learn.