Back alimony

in reading other topics i saw this one -

and the statement ws made that you can’t have sex with someone who is seperated - my stbx has his g/f (also the one he cheated on me with) pregnant with a second child by him. how would i go about handling that?

long story - here goes.
i became legally seperated from my estranged husband in march of 2004.
he skipped the state not long after the seperation. he never paid a cent of the alimony that was court ordered. i have recently found out where he’s working in the state he went to (florida.
is there a way i can persue the money he owes me without a lawyer? i’m currently trying to file chapter 7 b/c of not having the money he was ordered to pay me (or money to pay the bills he ran up) and i can’t pay two retainers at the same time. or would i be able to get the case taken on a pro bono or contingency base?

i tried to file contempt of court charges today - and was told that i can’t do it in my county of residence but in the county we seperated in - and that doesn’t sit well, just doesn’t sound right.
please advise.