Back Child Support

Is there a statute of limitations on child support never paid? My ex husband did not pay child support for 10 months in 2012. He started paying in November of 2012 because I went through DSS. He admitted to DSS as well that he never paid it. Can I still get it and if so, how can I initiate the process? Thanks.

If there was an order in place, and your ex husband did not make the payments pursuant to the order, the statute of limitations is ten years.

The official order went in place November 2012. I went to DSS in May 2012. The case was supposed to be held in June 2012. He used all the continuances that he was afforded until November 2012. I started to get child support from November 2012 on forward. Can I still get back pay from January-October 2012 and if so, is there a statue of limitations? He admitted to the DSS that he did not pay during these months. Thank you so much for your help!

You can get payments dating back to when you initially filed for child support, regardless of continuances.