Back child support

Maybe he is having financial problems. Perhaps you should approach him and see if reducing the support temporarily would correct the problem, that way you could ensure you’re getting the support payment each month even though it might be a little less.

If you keep asking the court to hold him in contempt and he keeps failing to pay on time, eventually a judge will do more than slap him on the wrist to make him comply. It takes a while for the court to realize that he is consistently violating the order but once the judge sees a pattern of misconduct you can expect a reaction. The key is to be persistent.

Good luck.

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My ex owes back child support in the thousands. He has gone so much as 4 months without sending anything. Everytime he is slapped with a court date he will send a big lump some of money. This time he sent $1,000.00 and last time he sent $650.00. My question is what do the courts think about that. Do they give him some kind of leway(sp)because they think that he is doing what he can when he can do it? He had a court date set for 9-22-06 and he did not even show up. What can happen to him. I am not knocking the fact that he is sending money, just don’t understand why he does not send what is suspose to every month instead of waiting to hit with a court date and then send a big check.