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Dear Ineedhelp:

Greetings. A court can freeze a joint account. If I were you, I would also take all the checks and let your spouse know, in writing, that they will be bouncing checks if they do not deposit funds in the account. Just stop using it and let your spouse know. Thank you.

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INEEDHELP, I don’t know why Wachovia is telling you that. My ex put me in a super bind by stopping his paycheck from being direct deposited into our joint account without telling me. I didn’t have a dime to my name so I got in my car and drove to CCB and closed out the joint checking AND the joint savings without his signature or knowledge. He left me no choice and checks were bouncing all over town because he did this. I took the $1,000 that was in the joint savings and went to another bank to open up my own account. He was mighty ticked when he found out that I had done this, but good Lord what did he expect me and my daughter to do? I’m so sorry you are having to go thru this. Sucks, doesn’t it?


In your steps to get prepaired you state

“Other protective measures you might consider in your divorce planning include: (1) protecting your own credit rating by freezing or closing joint cards and by blocking your spouse’s access to other joint credit such as a home equity loan; …(2) closing joint bank accounts and opening accounts in your own, individual name;… (3) changing the name of the responsible party on utility and other bills; and (4) spending where possible your spouse’s separate property first, marital property next, and your own separate property last.”

I have tried to close joint account or just remove my name and the bank “Wachovia” telles me that I can not do either of these options due to the fact that it is a joint account and must have the other party sign to take my name off or close the account… I am still liable if the other party bounces checks or causes overdraft charges… now what??