Bank accounts

I work overseas and for the past 14 months my wife has been having an affair. I discovered them 8 months ago. The affair has continued, it is now to the point that I am hearing she is buying groceries, etc for the other man, taking him to dinner, and he is even sleeping in my house most nights…he hides his truck and stays in the bedroom until my kids leave for school. She goes to the grocery store and gets cash back at the register to pay for her nights out with him so that I cannot track the money.

Can I change my direct deposit of my salary to a new account that she does not have access to and transfer money to her for the bills? We are not legally separated…yet, as we were supposed to be working on our marriage but clearly isn’t happening.

Due to the component of being overseas, you should consider having a consultation with an attorney prior to making any sudden decisions. If she is a dependent spouse, having an affair would bar any claim to alimony, but you would still have an obligation to pay child support. Also, since it sounds like she’s in possession of the marital residence, and likely the majority of personal property that is marital, you may want to discuss how to protect your interests in those assets prior to withholding support.