Bank Records


I think my spouse has probably opened one or more bank accounts in order to hide her money. We have subpoenaed her accounts but I am not sure we got everything there is.

Is there a way we can find out if she has other accounts at banks we don’t know about? I think she does but my lawyer said we can’t know.



Are you still married?

Run a credit report. I’m not sure if a standard supeaona does a credit report, but that report would have accounts that she opened. Now…I don’t know LEGALLY if you can do a report solely on her ssn or not. That would be the kicker. It would pick up things in her name only.

If she gave money to someone else to put into an account in THEIR name…then you wouldn’t know 100%…unless she were diverting $$ from other account to that one.


still married. i think she may be hiding it in an LLC account. She has several. would that have her ss number on it too?
thanks for the lead!


If you have a suspicion your wife is hiding money you may want to consider having your lawyer schedule a deposition to ask her these questions directly. If she is dishonest she could be convicted of perjury. Another way to obtain information would be to send subpoenas directly to financial institutions requiring they disclose any and all information related to deposit accounts in her name.


That sounds like a good course of action.


Best of luck.