Before the marriage

If you were married before your EX, can the EX use any information that he so called says he has against me in court for custody?

I do not understand your question. However I believe you are asking if your ex can present evidence in court related to a previous marriage. If so, a judge may allow such evidence if your ex can demonstrate that it is relevant to the current issues and the best interest of the child.

Nothing from my ex has anything to do with the case. I really don’t know what there can be. Maybe that my ex and I, were divorced but later on moved into together to make things easier on eachother because he wasn’t working and I was. I really don’t know.

The ex just said that he had something that could be used against me…

The ex did say that, since I gave custody of my son to my ex, that, that could be used against me. Can it?

I let my son stay with his father for two reasons:

  1. because my ex wouldn’t keep his hands or belt off of him

  2. because his father has cancer and should spend time with him.

How can something like that be held against me?

Your ex can present any relevant evidence in court, however the judge will determine how much weight to give the evidence.