What is ahead of me?

I was told to make a phone call to my attorney yesterday. The attorney is to have talked to and received information on my EX attorney.
I called my attorney and he doesn’t know what I’m talking aobut. So, I tell him that the EX said that his attorney has information that would have the EX get custody of our son. I’m so lost in the sense of, I haven’t done anything wrong.

The EX says to make sure I bring my children’s father to court, (um I don’t know why when I have custody of the kids) to bring my husband to court, (don’t know why there too). They don’t have anything to do with the custody of our son. And my EX knew from the beginning that was I was married before, because I did have children with me…lol

Well I found out that he is bring his mother and I guess other family members to stand up for him in court. I have no family here to bring to court. I do have close friends, but thats it. But there is a few people in my EX’s family that will stand up for me in court.

Now, I have custody of all my children but for one. Agreeable decision on that one. I don’t drink, do drugs, nor do I party or leave my children home alone 24/7. I am married and can provide a home. The ex has no job, no home, and no vehicle. It’s in the shop and he has been for over a year now. He has to pay alot of money to get it fixed. He had the money to do so, but chose to spend it on something else that was a want and not a need.

My EX lives in a very small 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with his two half brothers. I live in a huge 5 bedroom 3 bath home. Our son has all his siblins here and he so love’s them. All of them are very close.

I don’t beat my children. Ex on the other hand beat my daughter. He was arrested but when we went to court, his attorney some how got him off. He does have reports in the military of being in counseling. I don’t have reports on me for anything. I have even gone through a court case like what is going on now, once before. I was found to be a very good mother and won soul legal and physical custody. Can I use that in court?

Can everything that was done during our marriage, like him ignoring the children and on the computer talking to other girls while the children were in his care? That he never took the responsibly of caring for even our son?

Also we seperated a few times during out marriage. One time we were seperated I did sleep with someone. Not knowing I was pgnt because I was on birth control. My EX and I talked about everything that was going on and also the affair. I kept my promise to not talk to the person again, (My ex failed to keep his promise). Anyhow, we got back together and when I did find out I was pgnt I thought it was the EX’s. It turned out when she was 5 months old after she kept being sick that she wasn’t. I told the EX the truth. (we were seperated for two months already).

I pushed for a DNA because it wasn’t fair for him to pay support on a child that wasn’t his and a child he sure didn’t want. He made that clear to me!
Now in saying that, can he use that against me in court? Even though he knew about the affair and we got back together?

I’m sorry, I’m trying to think of everything that he has thrown up at me.

Okay my husband (who was a friend and we didn’t have a sexual relationship with each other) bought a house and allowed the kids and I to stay in here because it was going to remain empty and my ex and I, lease was about up. The kids and I, stayed in here. I paid the bills here and supported my children. (yes, i was working)

Can the ex use that against me because i married my husband?

My husband is a really great guy, who love’s these children even though the are not his. The children love him to death. My ex and I’s son even love’s my husband. My oldest children are the one’s who said for my husband and I, to be together. And since we both really cared for eachother and built a very strong friendship and we basically in a sense were perfect for eachother so we got together. There are no fights between us, everyone helps around here, we do alot of family stuff together, and we even have our family movie nights.

I’m a full time college student, working on finishing my degree. My husband is home with the kids at night because I go to school at night Mon-Thur. My husband cooks dinner, makes sure the kids are working on homework, helps with their homework when needed, give’s baths to the two little one’s, and makes sure everything is ready for the next day. (Ex never, ever did that) Basically, he does the normal daddy thing. All the children listen to him and respect him and help out as well. I can’t say we are the perfect family because there doesn’t seem to be one in this day and age, but we sure as heck are close to it.

I just need some input on what I have done. What is so bad that my ex feels he can take my son away from us all, when I haven’t done anything bad/wrong. I know in this decade, father’s are trying to fight for custody. But, my ex left this state and moved back home. He could have stayed here and visited/saw our son, got a job here, (which he still doesn’t have one but for one weekend a month with the guard) and he could have shown that he so wanted to have our son in his life. (not saying he doesn’t want to see our son).

I could have left and moved back home to my family in Idaho or California, but my children love it here, and this is our home. I choose to stay here because they wanted too. I got a job and we did pretty darn good. Our family is going strong and continues with each and every day that passes. I just can’t figure out this one thing that is bugging me!

Thank you for reading.

Waiting on response.

I understand you are nervous about your upcoming hearing. Your ex can allege what he wants to at trial, and may present his evidence to the court through his own testimony, and witnesses, and you will have the change to refute the same.

I cannot predict what the outcome of any given case will be, however your being the primary care giver should give you an advantage, so long as the child is thriving in your care.