Being terminated from my job on false information

…this is a divorce forum

I worked for a delivery company for 10 years and i was off on medical leave because i was harrassed and i could not take it anymore. I sought out mgmt. and human resourses to report an act of sexual harrsement, but i was put off and phone calls were not returned. I then used a eap benefit which resulted in me going for therapy. I was not healed but after a little time we decided i should try to get back to work. I was released from the doctor on a trial basis, but before i could even do any actual work i was fired! I was assualted at a gas station and even attacked and knocked to the ground. My employer found out about it and wanted to do an investigation, i did not think much of it i was the customer and did nothing wrong but take up for myself (big issue in therapy not letting people walk on me) and i got fired because they said i did not represent them in a good manner. I was off the clock on a sat evening and not in uniform and still under doctors care, but it did not matter. I went to police station the evening this happened and was told officers were at the scene to go talk to them and fill out an affidavit for arrest warrant. I went back to the scene the officers said they could not do anything because there were no witnesses so it would be a her word against mine issue but to feel free to complete the paperwork and they would do there best. A week later an annonymous caller calls my employer and says they saw it all and they thought it was terrible for one of there employees to act this way. My employer did there investigation and fired me using the attackers statment and a statment from a clerk that reported to the police the night it happened that she saw nothing that i was the one who did all this. How or who can i get help from? My employer had a gaurnted fair treatment policy and you could like appeal a decision or treatment that was to be believed unfair. It is at least a two step process, and i did step one and waited and waited for a decision monthes rolled by i called no one would call me back. I am still waiting on the decision. I NEED HELP!