Problems with boyfriends ex-wife

Document everything she does, the time, day, everything. Keep a very good written record of what is going on. If she threatens you or uses obscene or threatening language on the phone immediatly contact the phone company, they have to by federal law investigate. My husband’s ex was exactly the same way. For 5 years I endured her harrassment, all the while documenting everything. It took awhile but eventually the evidence was stacked against her. I haven’t heard anything from her in 2 years now! And the best weapon I had against her was that I completely (at least tried to) ignore her. Ignoring her rants was what hurt her the most. She eventually gave up on trying to get me to pay attention to her. Good luck!!!

Also, depending on your areas laws regarding telephone recording, you could tape record her crazy phone calls, just make sure you stay calm and rational.

Thanks next time I see her, which I probably will. I will try recording her and take it straight to the authorities. It’ll be hard because, she is always calling my work, and leaving messages, and no name but I know it’s her. I also called the police. They said they could not do anything because the place I work in is a public clinic and anyone can call or go in. He was not very helpful. I know where she works in but I have never called her work or bothered her there. I fear for my job. I have talked to my managers about it, and I was told if she would go by I was fired. My manager is not so nice to me. Now I studied hard to get to where I amand I don’t think it’s fair that some lady will get me fired for rumors or gossiping. She always complaints about me. Now all she does is work for an orthropedic place as a driver, delivering shoes to people’s houses. Now I work at the Clinic’s laboratory, running specimens, sendouts. We are very different people. She makes fun of me. Oh and just because she wears scrubs company policy, she tells everyone she’s an R.N. she’s embarrased of what she works in. I’m trying my best to ignore her, and I think one day she has to get tired. She’s so crazy that she had her oldest daughter get an abortion, because she wasn’t going to deal with a “bastard”. Moms own words to her daughter. She even faked a pregnancy. To get me upset. My boyfriend not worried because he said if you know it’s not true why worry. She is just weird. Now you know why I say that she’s like sick from her mind.

isabel martinez

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now, but there is one big problem I can’t seem to resolve. His ex-wife, First of all she is about 33, He is 26, he married her at a young age. She has 4 girls one from her first husband 3 from her second, but none from my boyfriend. When she married him she couldn’t have kids, they were together for about 3or 4 years, due to fighting, jealousy, on her side. I met him he was not living with her anymore. We moved in together she found out, she started stalking me, calling me telling me stuff like. "oh he’s here with me, he still loves me, etc. Which was not true. Still to this very day, she bothers me, but when I encounter her she does not tell me anything. She’s an over the phone fighter, but not like in person. I have filed reports with the police, It’s always she said he said. My side is never believed. I’v ignored her completely, but if she sees us together, she starts calling my boyfriends moms house PRIVATE for no reason, every holiday she calls my boyfriends moms house I guess to ruin the moment. We don’t live in my boyfriends moms house. I had a baby with my boyfriend he is 2 years old, I’m 25 years old. And I think this is the reason she hates us so much. She is so crazy and evil. She used to call and say “you better watch out with your son”. It gets me mad she gets on my nerves. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have no problems with my boyfriend I trust him alot. And that’s what she would not give him trust. She also told me that she was not going to let me live a happy life, that she was going to make my life misserable. He is divorced from her for about 3 years. She does not want to accept that and she never will. What do I do. Do I keep ignoring her, or what. Police reports, don’t work with her, I was even denied a Protective Order from the Court. This lady is a sick psycho, stalker, I believe that she is not all there.

isabel martinez