Best for the kids?

The ex-wife has had temporary custody of our three kids since January, with a hearing in a week. I have no attorney and her’s was recently granted a “withdrawal as attorney of record as the client had not fully retained her”. I guess that’s standard, but two weeks before a hearing? We all still live in the same town thankfully, but it’s my understanding that a long term order will be the product of the hearing. Each child has been told they are welcome to have input about where and with whom they want to live (in writing from me), and one has since moved in here. I know that wasn’t an easy decision for him and I stayed away from it, but “why” was clearly given to his mom, and left open on my laptop. I respect his initiative, and he still doesn’t know I saw this. In it’s entirety:

How are you doing. Getting busy with football yet?
Yeah tryouts are June 1st. And i’m fine.
Awesome, u still planning to go to xxxxxxx high school?
yep. Already signed up for my classes and everything.
That’s cool- may I watch you play football this year?
Don’t bring xxxxx.
Pretty rude, he has done nothing but care for your mother.
He’s also stopped my mother from caring for me.
Please, I will slways care for you son and love u
Nice try. You haven’t even attempted to hangout with me or give me anything since I’ve moved.
I would love to hang out with you but you are hard headed
There’s a difference in being hard-headed and not supporting what’s wrong. I’m not being " hard-headed", I’m being smart.
K, good deal

In January the stated “facts” were ridiculous, but only she and I knew. I’ve chosen to not return the favor, knowing that a judge has earned that title for a reason. My problem is that after her and I, only the kids (17, 15, and 11) can speak truthfully and knowledgably about the good and bad of each of us, yet are unaware of the hearing. Everyone has to eat and emotions don’t put food on the table, but should I stick to my resolve regardless?

Taken out of context, I have no clue what that exchange is referring to and it does not leave me with any insight as to why you haven’t seen your children since January. If you need assistance with your child custody claim, you should consider consulting with an attorney in your area where you can discuss all the facts that led up to the separation to help you determine how to proceed.