Best interests of the child

I have a few situations that have come up…

  1. My youngest was beaten by her step-mother, dss was involved and it was dismissed as a one time incident.
  2. My x kept them out of school for three days because HE was sick, and did not contact me until the third day, and I of course went and picked them up.
  3. After the 3 days absent issue, and talking to their teachers… I found out that my girls have been an hour to an hour and a half late for school 24 times so far this school year. He’s only responsible for ten days a month minus holidays… so thats a lot!

I’m really thinking about going back to my lawyer, and asking for a change of schedule. Right now we have them 50/50. Are these valid enough reasons to stand up in court?

I believe the incidents you mention will qualify as a substantial chance in circumstances affecting the well being of the children, and that a motion to modify custody is warranted.