Bills and Car insurance

I have been separated now for 5 months.

Recently I have been wanting to cut some more of my expenses I am paying in the home she is staying in. I am paying the following because she was unemployed and there are kids involved. I have reason to believe she is employed now.

Electric Bill
Water Bill
Car insurance (Policy is in my name; but she is a named insured)
Home Owners
Mobile Phone Bill (My account, but I have her with a phone family plan)

I want to stop paying and have her pay her own car insurance, water bill, HOA and Car Insurance.

I recently asked her to get her own car insurance for her vehicle and she said by law I am suppose to still carry her; I did not believe her and asked her to provide the legal document.

So my question is am I within my right to notify her and stop paying the bills I mentioned above.


You may notify her that you will no longer be paying the bills directly, but you do have an obligation to your creditors, and you credit could be damaged for unpaid bills, further you do have an obligation to support your children, and should pay child support accordingly.

Yes… i will pay child support no matter what and will keep my children on my medical plan. Would never dream of not doing those two.

I am more concerned about closing out the bills in my name for that household than continue to pay them when she is employed and whether or not there is legal consequences if I remove her from my insurance.


You may remove the bills from your name, and notify the insurance company that you are dropping her from the policy. You need to notify your ex immediately and give her time to obtain coverage so she is not driving without insurance.

I did notify her. I am giving her a month and two weeks to obtain. As my coverage ends in August. I just want to make sure there was some legal ramification.

Thank you