Both had Affairs

After 13 years of marriage, my husband had an “emotional” affair last summer with a co-worker. While they had spent an abundance of time together, they had not yet “consummated” the relationship when I found out. We separated, but only for a short time. He documented the affair and his apology.

Over the winter, I had a “sexual” affair lasting several months. My husband found out and does not feel that he will be able to recover. He has again moved out.

Will I have any rights to alimony? My husband is also in the process of possibly using all of our savings (retirement funds) to purchase the company that he has served as president. If he purchases it while we are separated, what will my rights to the company be upon divorce?

Thank you!

The affair bars you from seeking alimony, but you may be entitled to temporary support (post-separation support) as fault is not a definitive bar to temporary support, which can be ordered to last up to a year. If he uses martial funds to purchase the company, you will be entitled to half of the funds he takes.