Breach of Contract

My divorce was final in May 2009. In the seperation agreement and divorce papers, my ex-husband signed that he took financial responsibility for a camper that we still owed on and a $15,000 balance on a joint credit card that he took out after our seperation, but before the divorce. I know that since both of these accounts had my name on them, that I can not have it removed until the account is paid in full unless he has the credit and income to apply and get a loan on his own for these items. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Since the divorce, he has stopped paying on the credit card and has repeatedly made late payments on the camper and he has ruined my credit score and caused my other credit lines to be closed by banks because of the multiple reports to the credit bureau. In July '09, my credit score was well over 700+, now I would imagine that it is somewhere in the 500+ range at least. And since he hasn’t come to any agreement with these banks and continues to make little or NO payment, I don’t see an end in sight for the damage on my credit.

Can I sue him for breach of contract and for damages for the loss of credit that he has caused me?

Yes, you may sue your ex for breach of contract. If your ex is not abiding by a court order, then you can file a Motion to Show Cause and the court will enforce the Order.