Business Restraining Order or other options


Me ex-wife has subpoenaed vendors I do business with. Since then, those businesses have chosen to not do business with me forcing me to close my business down. The client she subpoenaed was my largest client and kept me alive. I am having to start all over again with my business.

Can I get a restringing order against her to stop her from contacting businesses and potential employers and keeping me from getting business?

What else can I do to stop my ex-wife from harassing me very week with something new?

Thanks in advance.


You may attempt to get an order prohibiting your ex from harassing you and your business associates, however, if the information she is requesting is relevant to show the value of your business, and/or your income, it is discoverable information and the court will not prevent her from trying to get it. I would suggest you attempt to get the information she is seeking yourself so that she will not have reason to contact your vendors.


I supplied her with everything. Is this a criminal restraining order or a civil restraining order?


It would be civil.