Civil no contact order, please advice


I separated from my ex wife just over 3 years ago and our divorce has since become final. There are NO outstanding ongoing issues, no property, child support, children’s custody etc. I made the decision to move on with the rest of my life without any contact whatsoever with my ex. I made it clear to my ex that if she has anything to say to me, then I should hear it from her lawyer only.

My ex has not attempted to contact me directly, but she is constantly contacting mutual friends and asking them to pass various small messages to me. So I frequently get asked various questions if I want to see her pics, child pics and other updates which I do not care about. The messages from friends are usually pre-phased by the sentence " I know you don’t want to know, but…" and then followed by “She really just wants you to know” or “She was really emotional when she told me so I had to tell you.”

Basically her emotional, emotional messages are getting to my friends and I am basically getting harassed. I am hoping this does not lead her to think she can pick up the phone one day and call me or send me an email. I am looking for a way to nip this in the bud.

I was doing some research into this, and I know I do not qualify for a restraining order of any kind. I was wondering if a civil no contact order was possible, or any other legal recourse under NC law to stop her.


There must be a threat of imminent bodily harm to obtain a restraining order.


I know that, I said it in the last sentence of my original post. I am just wondering if there is any other recourse under NC law.


Not for the type of communication you describe.


I have actually dealt with a similar situation… In my case, I sent a certified letter to her stating that any communication was to occur via email only, and that she should no longer “attempt to contact me either directly, or by way of third-party persons on your behalf”. I made it clear that any further communication of this sort would be considered harassement and that legal action to stop it would be sought.

Now, as to whether such an action would have ultimately held up in court, I don’t know. In my case, the letter worked…at least for now.