Can he just throw me out?

In April my husband and I were seperated when he threw me out for another woman he had just met. He and I had only been married not quite 2 months. We have a son who is 1 1/2 at the moment. He kept telling me I needed to leave, he was sick of the arguments and had found someone else who ‘treated him better’, supposedly (even though I’ve put up with his abusive behavior from the beginning.) Social Services told me I did not have to leave, we were married and even though I was not working or paying the bills, that I was entitled to be there just as much as he was. They told me to tell him that if he wanted to be away from me so bad, that he could leave. He merely became angry and called the cops and said he wanted me to leave and claimed I was threatening him, etc, said he didn’t want to press charges but he wanted me to leave. The cops told him he could go down and press charges and have me evicted, because they didn’t know we were married.

Anyway, fearing more lies and repercussions and arrest, I took my son and fled to a family member’s house, where I stayed 2 nights before he was calling me begging me back, saying the other girl (who pretty much moved in the night I moved out) was gone and he made a huge mistake and wanted me back, blah blah blah. Anyway, I refused at that point in time and moved in with my mother, wanting to go to counseling and work on the relationship issues. During that time, he kept dissapearing for days at a time then coming back telling me how much he wanted me back. All his friends told me about several young girls he was seeing including one girl in particular. I have no proof of his little flings but I know it’s true, too many people including his own close friends told me, and his mother even knows.

Anyway, we were seperated 4 months and he kept telling me week after week he was going to have another place for us to live. My mother got tired of it and threw my son and I out and that very day I took my son to a close family friend and my husband and I stayed here and there for several days until we found a place to rent where we could move in immediately, and all three of us have been here ever since, and it’s been a month now.

However the topics of the flings which he will not admit to keep coming up and we are fighting worse than ever, and he gets very angry and tells me to leave. Tonight he told me to hit the road, call a ride and get out and it’s like the month of April all over again. He apologized an hour later but I haven’t forgotten what happened and I know one day he’ll want me to leave again.

Does he have rights to do this? We are married but yes he paid the rent, not me. I am the homemaker who takes care of our son full time. We have no formal written agreement with the landlord, she is a nice lady my husband has done work for. There’s no lease and therefore our names aren’t on any legal documentation showing that I have rights to be there.

If push comes to shove and he decides he wants me gone, does he have the right to just throw me out? Do I have any rights at all is my main question? I feel like I don’t. Do I???

He cannot force you to leave the residence, however you may want to consider leaving to ensure yours and your child’s safety. You are entitled to stay in the martial residence as much as he is without regard to who pays the rent and bills.

Thank you so much! This has given me some peace of mind. :slight_smile:

You are welcome, I am glad to have given you some peace of mind. I do suggest you speak with a lawyer to ensure you have a plan of action if and when the situation gets worse, your spouse seems to be very volatile.