Can I change my name back to my maiden name


We are separated for eight months so far. Is there any way I can legally change my maiden name and go back to fully using it again?


Not a lawyer

Good news. There’s an option on the final divorce paperwork for you to assume your maiden name upon divorce.


You can change your name back before the divorce, but it is easiest and least expensive to do it in conjunction with the divorce or subsequent to it. There is a simple form ( to complete and the fee is currently $10.


I am not a lawyer, but I looked into this because I wanted to changed my name back PRIOR to divorce. I called the Special Proceedings Division of Wake Co Clerks Office, and she said there is an Opinion on Name Change that I could use to change my Driver’s License, but there is no way to change it thru the courts if I am not divorced. BUT essentially I don’t need to go thru the courts, because she said I can change my Driver’s License myself (?) and thus everything else (bank accounts, etc), EXCEPT for Social Security card, because Federal government doesn’t recognize the Opinion. I was sorta confused by that, so I am still researching…. Here is link to Name Change info:

Also statute listed on … e-surname/

I certainly would not want to mess up anything w/Social Security…so I decided to wait. Hope that helps you.