Name change

I was married for only 1year before I moved out. Now I would like to go back to the last name I had before we got married. It is not my maiden name, or my birth name, it’s just a name of a man that I married in the 80’s…I’ve carried that name 30 yrs until aug 2 2011 when I got married and took my husbands name.
I’ve called clerk of courts and it seems to be a big production to get my name back…they told me I would have to change my birth certificate?? That makes absolutely no sense to me.
Some women don’t even take their husbands name,why is it so difficult for me to go back to MY name? My husband and I are separated with no chance of reconciliation. I want my name back now!! Can you please advise…

It shouldn’t be that hard. You need to take the following form to the clerk’s office where your divorce was granted with the $10.00 fee to get it entered.

May I ask, re the name change document, does one need to have that notarized before taking it to the Clerk of Court? I’ve realized the hard way that they do not perform notary services there (at the courthouse) but wondered whether the name change doc was somehow a different process than other filings.

And, does one only need to take one copy to the Clerk’s office or arrive with multiples?


It would depend on your county if they are willing to let you sign in front of a clerk or not. To be on the safe side, I would have it signed in front of a notary before you go. And yes, you should bring additional copies with you so you don’t have to pay for copies at the courthouse.

Mine would be Wake County. Thank you for the info re multiple copies.