Can I refuse 2nd property mediation?

My stbx and I went to property mediation about 2 months ago…and nothing was determined after 3 hours (just a huge mediation bill). Just got a letter from the mediator stating when our next mediation session will be. Can I refuse to go? I know that NOTHING is going to get settled during mediation (ex agrees also), and I am just ready for this to be tried in court. The first property mediation was ordered by the court (which I think is pretty standard), but what about future mediations? Can they make you go to endless mediation sessions that is just costing us more money while nothing gets resolved?? IF I HAVE to go, can I go in and mediate for ONE hour…and if nothing is resolved during that time, can I request to leave? I cannot afford to keep throwing my money away to mediators when nothing is getting resolved.

If the court orders you to mediation then you have to go, but you could tell the mediator you don’t want to go again. You could file a request to waive mediation based on the fact you already tried an failed to cover yourself.