Can my husband do this? (military)

First of all, the threats to kick you out need to stop. I know for a fact that the military–regardless of which service–will not tolerate their soldiers exhibiting such behavior. You can contact his CO if the threats continue. If you live on base, you might be able to work with the legal department on base about housing. He can’t just KICK you and the kids out. Look into your options as a military spouse.

And no, you’re not being evil…it’s called surviving. Do what you have to do. That, my dear, is up to you. Good luck [:I]

We live offbase and Ive been told that he cant kick me out and even if we seperate, with him being in the military…he is still obligated to support me. Is this true?

Hi! I have been married for almost 4 years. Me and my husband have 1 child together. We have talked about seperating and everytime we talk about it, he threatens to kick me and my kids out. (I have one from a previous relationship.) He thinks because he is the one in the military and with the job, that he gets to call all the shots. He wants to keep everything, have me and my kids move out and him only send me child support. I have nowhere to go. He also has a motorcycle. I have 2 children to take care of. Is there a good chance that I will get the car? Im not trying to be evil or suck the man dry…I just want to be able to take care of me and my children. I dont want to be kicked out of the house with no way to start over. Please give some advise. Thank you.