Can she legally take his stuff


I am sure other states have different laws but can tell you how it is set in my state of ND, this info came off a phamplet from a lawyers office.

when someone decides to leave a household example husband decides to leave his wife, he may ONLY take his clothes and a few personal items, razor, toothbrush etc… if the husband does take any other items whether it is his or not, then when they go to court the judge will decide if he should be able to keep the items or to give them back or if he sold them to pay the spouse the amount items were worth. And same goes if husband does leave with only clothes and personal items and wife has his personal stuff then the judge can make her give the husband the items or the dollar amount for the item.

Your friend in my opionion should contact a lawyer and the lawyer can get a emergency order to have the stuff returned until they can go to court for the divorce, seperation etc…


Dear stepmother:

Greetings. Yes, technically she can take it, but he has options on how to get it back. He should immediately consult an attorney and start negotiating for the return of the property, with her paying for the shipping and replacement. Thank you.

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I have a friend who’s wife recently left him. She moved out while he was out of town and she took everything out of the house. I’ve heard of women doing this before but I’ve never known anyone it happened to. It seems cruel to do this to someone that you once loved, and I don’t understand it. My question is, can she legally take his stuff? By that I mean, his clothes, his jewelry, gifts relatives gave him, collectables, his personal stuff. Can he legally get any of this back?