Catch a cheating spouse

My wife is cheating on me, I found out the evidence via a spy software ( )that I installed on her computer. I do not want to suffer this any more so I decide to divorce, could the information gathered by the spy software be evidence? Thanks for your suggestion in advance.

The evidence you gathered using the spyware be not be admissible in court, however if you now know of the affair you may use the knowledge you gained to otherwise prove the affair.

Not a lawyer

Be very careful spying on your spouse. Doing so illegally has very serious implications:

  1. Your evidence may not be admissible in court.
  2. You may be sued for invasion of privacy.

I strongly suggest that you consult an attorney to learn what the proper techniques are to “spy” (licensed private investigator, publicly shared information, recorded conversations that you are part of, etc.). Secretly recording (audio and/or video), using her “private” passwords, key loggers on “private” computers, GPS units in “private” cars, etc. can get you in a very complicated situation. I’d strongly suggest keeping information collected illegally private for the sake of you knowing facts and guiding future actions.

As someone who was in your situation 4 years ago, keep your cool. If you decide that separation is your ultimate goal, then the proper evidence to support AOA/CC claims will either (1) provide you with what you need to pursue her paramour assuming that he has sufficient assets to make it worth your while or (2) provide you with what you need to leverage a potential lopsided settlement (with the threat of suing her paramour). For me, it took 1.5 months coming home knowing that my ex-wife had slept with the man earlier in the day with my bed with a (reasonable) smile on my face to get what I needed. That was the most difficult time of my life. Four years later, I can say it was worth it.

Good luck.