Catching a cheating husband


I believe my husband is cheating on me. But I am not sure how to properly confirm my suspicion. A friend of mine suggested a private investigator, but that is very expensive. I looked on the internet and I found that I can buy a GPS device that can be placed with a magnet under his car and will register every stop he makes. Is this legal or not? Can it be used in NC courts to support a divorce case and property distribution, alimony, etc? Will it help me to have this information to get divorced faster?

Thank you!


All a GPS unit will do is tell you where the vehicle went. It will not tell you (or more importantly, the court) what was done, said, or even whose house he was in. The best that can be hoped with a GPS unit is to support other evidence obtained.


To add to athos’ post: You could use the gps to find out where the he went and then follow the next time with photo equipment. If you have children this could prove tricky, but it’s cheaper than hiring a PI to get you the same information. I once borrowed my mother’s car, to follow my ex… but be careful if you do this…don’t let your emotions take over and do something you may regret.
If you can prove the affair, it will only affect alimony. It will not speed up the one year, one day separation requirement for divorce in NC. And unless you can show that he was using marital assets during the affair, it will not change the equitable distribution.
The only way that having this information will help is if your spouse feels so badly about the affair that he agrees and signs an agreement giving you whatever you ask for even if an it’s unequal distribution of marital assets.


Stepmother is correct. Please be careful in attempting to run surveillance on your husband, I do suggest you meet with a lawyer as well to create a plan of action.


Thanks for all the responses. But I am still not sure if using a GPS is or not legal in NC, and if the information collected plus maybe other things like pictures or testimony of another person could be admitted in court? The GPS could help get the initial clues of what is going on. Thanks stepmother for the good advice on emotional responses, I’ll keep that in mind.


The GPS is legal, but I am not sure how helpful it will be in court without other corroborating evidence. Pictures and testimony of what other people can testify to based on their direct knowledge is admissible in court.