Cease and Desist?


Legal? Necessary? is it even possible?

For the other ‘woman’…and possibly my husband. Can I send a C and D to stop all contact between them until the divorce is final, or I will take legal action (alienation of affection, criminal conversation,etc)?


Not a lawyer

Sure, you can send a letter. I suggest that it comes from your lawyer to give it clout. Whether or not you’re called on your bluff and have to pursue it from a legal perspective is a different issue. There are a lot of details that substantiate your threat that you need to understand if you go this route and have to back up your threat. Spend enough time reading old posts from this forum, and you’ll figure out what they are.


I learn so much from this forum!

Thanks Lee Rosen & team!


Yes, you can send a letter, but as was pointed out by a previous poster, unless it comes from a law office and/or you are willing to follow through with action, the letter may not have any weight.