Is this appropriate

It is appropriate, but you seem to be overlooking the obvious. You can request and even demand whatever you want, however, it appears your wife now holds the cards. She has to determine if your marriage or her friendship is more important. If she truly cares about you and your marriage, she should be the one that decides to draw the line with her “friend”. Unfortunately, us guys can be a bit niave and too trusting, which leads us down a dark, painful, and expensive road.

From a legal point of veiw
here is the situation
My wife and I have been married for 3 months great dateing time great, marriage first month great, then came another who seems to be creating a major stressor for me combined with a couple of lies from her about him. We yesturday have talked about the stressors and she is at her parents house for the last two nights with unknown anticipations for tommorow.

  1. The other has had phone and text messageing in excess of 1500 minutes and 300+ text Message this month to her cell phone which the bill reflects which is out of the norm in our relationship

  2. I want the contact to cease, she says its just friendship and talk. I say it is wrong that his attention has replaced me (and I mean tottaly replaced me)

  3. I want to send him this letter below and need to know if
    a. is it appropriate or
    b. does it appear to be controling of my spouse and or vendictive, anything of the sort.
    c. Would this hold up in a court for an alienation of affection suit against him if the contact continues and we do seperate and divorce by her choice.

Mr *******, I am concerned that the relationship you have established with my spouse is effecting our marriage and creating undo and un justified stressors from your outside influences. I respectivly request you cease contact outside of your place of employment with my spouse and within your place of employment and any contact be within the terms of such employment. I took the vows with my wife for a relationship to built on trust,love, and respect very seriously and your contact is creating a concern and a source of undo stress and influence that our marriage should not have from another.
I again request that you cease any and all contact outside of your place of employment with my spouse immedatly a faliure to do so will result in legal action being taken against you.