Question about personal contact with separated spouse

I discovered my wife was having a affair in October of this year. After I confronted her she provided an articulate and what I believe to be full confession of said affair. There was no separation immediatly . We began some attempt to work through some of the issues related to the discovery of the affair. During the 5 days we remained together we engaged in sex and I pledged to forgive her. My wife then abandoned me suddenly with no notice on the evening of the sixth day of our failed attempt to work through our issues. We were on the phone prior to my arrival home and she said she loved me and would see me when I returned home and to call her when I got into the car. When I placed that call her phone was off. When I arrived home she was gone, taking with her only a hand full of clothes and other feminine items. See had no contact at all for four days prior to her calling me the following Monday morning stating “we need to separate” . Since that announcement of her intentions she has forced a physical separation and dissolution of assets. We are not living togther . Our martial residence has been vacated and I have another residence. My wife’ continues her affair. I have voluminous amounts of direct and circumstantial evidence to support that allegation. Law suits for Divorce from Bed and Board and
Aliention of Affection/ Criminal Conversation are in the que.

Coming to my question: My wife and and I are considering whether or not to start seeing each other again in a quasi dating capacity. Potentially starting slowly and possibly turning to overnight stays which would conceivably involve sexual acts. We have agreed at this point that trying to “date” does not equal resumption of our marriage in a personal sense. In a lega sense what activity, if any, under these circumstances reasonably equals condonation?

Condonation is looked based on the entire situation/facts. Just be clear that you have not condoned her acts or forgiven her.